Best Mayan Ruins in Guatemala to check out this year

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Guatemala is where the remnants of the ancient Mayan civilization offer a glimpse into a world that flourished over 5,000 years ago. The Mayan ruins ranging from towering temples to intricately carved stelae and finely crafted ceramic artifacts all tell a captivating story of the Mayan’s rich history and achievements.

The Maya were more than just architects; they were also accomplished astrologers, agronomists, mathematicians, and scholars with an impressive understanding of the cosmos. Their legacy includes the development of an extraordinary writing system known as Mayan hieroglyphs and the creation of a highly accurate calendrical cycle.

While the Maya were never unified as a single empire, their distinctive architectural styles can be found throughout Mesoamerica. Each city-state had its own unique construction methods and temple characteristics, reflecting the diverse cultural influences of the region’s pre-Hispanic groups.

Many of the majestic pyramids built by the Maya were dedicated to their gods, with shrines atop their peaks where rituals and important ceremonies took place. So, delve with us on a journey to uncover the best Mayan ruins in Guatemala;


Best Mayan Ruins in Guatemala

Tikal is the crown jewel of the Mayan ruins. Located in the Petén area, Tikal’s history dates back to the Late Pre-classic times. Despite its ancient origins, Tikal remained influential until the Late Classic period when most of its iconic temples were erected, solidifying its status as a powerful city within the Mayan empire.

Tikal faced rivalries which began around the sixth century. Despite this enmity, Tikal thrived and became the most popular and visited site among all Mayan ruins, attracting tourists from around the globe.

Designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Tikal National Park is home to over 3,000 ruins, showcasing the grandeur of ancient Mayan civilization. The Temple of the Jaguar, the Temple of the Masks, and the Great Plaza are just a few of the notable structures within the park.

In February 2018, modern archaeological techniques unveiled a hidden treasure trove within Tikal’s dense rainforest. Using advanced laser technology, researchers discovered over 60,000 ruins, revealing that the present-day Tikal is merely a fragment of a once sprawling metropolis. Among the newly uncovered ruins are houses, defensive fortifications, elevated highways, and palaces, painting a vivid picture of ancient Mayan urban life.


Yaxha which also means “water that is bluish-green” is the third largest Mayan ruin in Guatemala. It overlooks a lake that shares its name, creating a scenic setting that captivates visitors. This ancient city was a centre of Mayan culture, with its nine temple-pyramids, ball courts, and other architectural wonders offering a look into the past. Walking through the ruins of Yaxha can feel like the whispers of history are echoing through the stone structures.

Each step unveils a story of a civilization that thrived here, leaving behind intricate carvings, mysterious glyphs, and ceremonial spaces that once pulsed with life. Yaxha’s significance transcends its historical value; it has also captured the imagination of modern entertainment.

The famous TV show “Survivor Guatemala “chose this mystical location as its backdrop, bringing its ancient charm to screens around the world. Visiting Yaxha is not merely a journey through time but an immersion into a world where nature and culture intertwine and where the legacy of the Mayan civilization endures.

El Mirador

Archaeologists believe that El Mirador was once the largest city in Mayan history. An active metropolis that thrived amidst the lush landscape. Even today, despite being surpassed in size by another Mayan site, it retains its significance as the second-largest ruin and boasts the highest concentration of Mayan ruins worldwide.

Walking through the ruins of El Mirador is like stepping back in time, as towering pyramids and sprawling plazas emerge from the jungle’s grasp. The scale of the structures is grand, with the massive El Tigre pyramid standing as evidence to the architectural prowess of the ancient Maya.

The significance of El Mirador extends beyond its size. It offers valuable insights into Mayan civilization, revealing the complexity of their society, their advanced knowledge of astronomy, and their intricate urban planning.

The site is adorned with intricate stelae, depicting rulers, gods, and important events in Mayan history, providing a glimpse into their rich cultural heritage. Exploring El Mirador is not merely an archaeological experience; it’s an adventure into the heart of the Maya world. Trek through the jungle where you will encounter wildlife, including howler monkeys and exotic birds, adding to the appeal of this ancient site.


Iximche’s most captivating sites is the charred ruin that was once the capital city of the Kaqchikel Maya. Deep within this archaeological treasure lies the ruins of a glorious past. Amidst the overgrown jungle, ancient murals, pyramids, temples, and other marvels stand as silent witnesses to the ingenuity and skill of the Maya civilization. Each stone tells a story of a bygone era, where cities thrived amidst the lush landscapes of Guatemala.

What makes this ruin particularly significant is its continued relevance in contemporary Mayan culture. Despite centuries of change, this site still serves as a sacred space for Mayan rituals and ceremonies. Even today, descendants of the ancient Maya come here to pay homage to their ancestors, preserving traditions passed down through generations.

The towering pyramids once echoed with the chants of priests, conducting sacred ceremonies to appease the gods. The intricate murals on the temple walls depicting scenes of daily life, religious practices, and the mythological stories that shaped their worldview. While you walk through these ruins, you can’t help but feel a sense of awe and admiration for the civilization that thrived here.


And there you have it folks, a guide to the best Mayan ruins in Guatemala. From the grandeur of Tikal to the hidden oasis of Yaxha, each site offers a glimpse into the fascinating world of the ancient Maya. So, if you find yourself in Guatemala, don’t miss the chance to explore these incredible archaeological wonders. The Mayans were one of the greatest early civilizations, and their technology will astound you even today.

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