Top things to do in Morocco with Kids

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Morocco is a country where family lies at the heart of its culture. Located in North Africa, Morocco is not just a land of stunning landscapes and vibrant cities; it’s a place where the bonds of family are cherished above all else. In Morocco, the warmth and love for children of all ages are profound.

It’s a nation where large families are the norm, with households often comprising five to six children and multiple generations under one roof. This familial closeness extends beyond blood ties, as strangers you meet may offer kisses, hugs, and gifts for your little ones without hesitation. Morocco’s family-centric character isn’t confined to homes alone; it permeates every aspect of daily life.

Traveling with kids here is not just manageable but enriching. It opens doors to unique experiences, allowing you to connect with both the local people and your own family on a deeper level.

From the busy markets of Marrakech to the serene beauty of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco offers a blend of experiences that cater to families of all sizes. So, grab your little adventurers, pack your sense of curiosity, and let’s dive into the top things to do in Morocco with kids!

Water Theme Parks

things to do in Morocco with Kids

Morocco offers ample opportunities for family fun, and one of the highlights for children is exploring the country’s exhilarating waterparks. One must-visit destination for families is Oasiria, located near the enchanting city of Marrakech. This waterpark is a true oasis in the desert, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and excitement. With its numerous attractions, Oasiria ensures that kids (and adults) can enjoy a full day of aquatic fun.

Upon entering Oasiria, families are greeted by lush tropical gardens, providing a refreshing contrast to the arid surroundings. Children can’t wait to dive into the excitement as they catch sight of the multiple water slides. For the thrill-seekers, there’s the Aquaroc climbing wall, where kids can test their agility and strength as they scale the challenging surface above the water.

Meanwhile, the wave pool offers endless fun as families splash around in the simulated ocean waves, laughing and playing together. For a more leisurely experience, families can float along the lazy river, soaking in the Moroccan sunshine and enjoying the scenic views of the park. This gentle journey provides the perfect opportunity for parents and children to relax and bond amid the beauty of Oasiria.

Moroccan Safari

A safari trip in Morocco with kids offers a wonderful opportunity to explore its diverse wildlife and engage in educational experiences that promote conservation awareness. Start your journey in Rabat, where the Rabat Zoo awaits with its impressive collection of African species. Children aged 5 to 12 can participate in interactive workshops that teach them about the importance of wildlife conservation while getting up close with fascinating animals.

After Rabat, head to Ifrane National Park, a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Here, families can enjoy scenic hikes and maybe even catch a glimpse of Barbary apes swinging through the trees. It’s a perfect place to instil a love for the outdoors in children while appreciating Morocco’s natural beauty.

For an unforgettable safari experience, venture to Souss Massa National Park near Agadir. Embark on a wildlife adventure as you search for oryx and other antelope species in their natural habitat. Children will be thrilled to see these magnificent creatures roaming freely and learn about the delicate balance of ecosystems. Throughout your trip, take the opportunity to discuss the importance of conservation with your children.

Explore Rabat

One of the must-visit destinations for families is Rabat, the country’s “clean and green” capital. Here, families can enjoy a variety of activities tailored to children while immersing themselves in the city’s vibrant atmosphere. Rabat is a child-friendly environment with its well-maintained sandy beach located right in the city centre.

Parents and kids alike can indulge in swimming and surfing, with surf schools on-site offering lessons specifically designed for children. The beach provides a safe and enjoyable space for families to unwind and soak up the sun. What sets Rabat apart from other tourist destinations is its serene ambiance.

Despite being home to significant sights like the Chellah, Kasbah des Oudaias, and Medina, the city remains relatively calm, making it perfect for families seeking a peaceful vacation. Exploring these historical landmarks becomes even more enjoyable without the crowds. The city’s modern tram system and tree-lined avenues make getting around with kids hassle-free.

Families can explore green central parks, visit shopping malls, and indulge in the diverse and exciting cuisine the city has to offer. From traditional Moroccan dishes to international fare, there’s something to satisfy every palate.

For a unique experience, families can embark on ferry trips on the River Bougreg, offering scenic views of Rabat from the water. The city also hosts attractions like Rabat Zoo, pottery workshops, and playgrounds, ensuring there’s never a dull moment for children.

Embrace the Football Fever

One of the best ways to immerse your family in Moroccan life is by attending a live football match. Whether in one of the stadiums or on the beach, the locals are passionate about sharing their nation’s favorite sport with visitors. You can check the FRMF website for any international matches during your stay, and with tickets starting from just $5 USD, it’s an affordable outing for the whole family.

Before heading to the game indulge in a bit of souvenir shopping. A quick rummage through the busy souks will likely lead you to find Hakimi shirts, the beloved Moroccan football star’s jersey. It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s a symbol of connection with the local culture and the excitement of the game. The atmosphere at the stadium or on the beach during a match is electric, and kids will love being part of the cheering crowd.

They’ll have the chance to witness firsthand the passion Moroccans have for football, cheering alongside fans of all ages. After the game, kids can marvel at the intricate designs of Moroccan architecture, taste delicious local cuisine, and even try their hand at bargaining in the souks.


Morocco is a land of endless adventure, where every corner holds something new and exciting to discover. From camel rides in the desert to navigating the labyrinthine streets of ancient medinas, there’s no shortage of fun to be had for families traveling with kids. This guide will help you pick the best things to do in Morocco with kids.

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