Secrets of Santorini Unveiled: 5 Underrated Destinations That Will Blow Your Mind (Part 1)

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Santorini is, without a doubt, one of the most well-known and often featured islands in media depictions of Greece. The issue with going to the “most renowned” or “most popular” of anything is that it is likely to be swarmed with visitors. During the summer months, when cruise ships arrive at the port of Santorini almost hourly, Santorini is no exception to this norm. Santorini has several undiscovered jewels that give genuine experiences for individuals who like to avoid circumstances like this while vacationing.

If you want to get away from the crowds and explore Santorini, here are some of the most fabulous off-the-beaten-path destinations, including treks with breathtaking vistas, private beaches, cave houses from antiquity, and some of the island’s finest Greek food.


Visitors from all over the globe go to Oia to see the stunning sunsets for which the town is renowned. An (Oia) is a picturesque town on the northern point of Santorini, 12 kilometres up the coast from Firá. Many of the homes in this village have been transformed into upscale boutique hotels with infinity pools that look out over the caldera. It, like Firá, depends on tourism for its livelihood. However, its affluent clientele is its main draw.

There is a stretch of beachfront seafood restaurants, many of which provide al fresco eating, only a short walk up the town’s steep pathways from Ammodi Bay. You may take the local KTEL bus or hike along the cliffs above the caldera to get to Oia (allow three hours from Fira).

Imerovigli, Santorini 


The little, picturesque town of Imerovigli, Santorini, has been designated a Traditional Village, providing unique protection against development and destruction. The balcony of Santorini refers to the highest and most central point of the volcanic crater, from where visitors may take in a breathtaking panorama of the whole island.

Imerovigli’s stunning sunsets and panoramic views of the volcano are well-known across the island. The severe regulations on new construction in this little town contribute to its allure by keeping it frozen in time as it was decades ago. This allows for peace that is hard to come by in the rest of Greece. Imerovigli is a village on the island devastated by an eruption in 1956. It has since been rebuilt and is now home to some of Greece’s most beautiful traditional cave dwellings and hotels.

The Blue Note

As you descend the last flight of stairs on your climb to Skaros Rock, you’ll see a seashore eatery named Blue Note. When you ascend the restaurant’s steps, you’ll be treated to another breathtaking vista of the Aegean Sea.

Akrotíri Archaeological Site

After the volcanic eruption in the 16th century BC that produced the caldera, the ancient Minoan hamlet of Akrotri, located near the contemporary village of Akrotri, 12 kilometres southwest of Firá, was buried under lava. Visitors to the Akrotiri Archaeological Site may stroll along paths through the town’s rubble to examine the remnants of the town’s clay buildings. Its excellent preservation has led to frequent comparisons to Pompeii. Evidence of the site’s multi-story houses, ceramics, and drainage systems suggests that Santorini was an affluent island that thrived on shipping and commerce before the eruption.

Santorini’s exceptional paintings (most current at the National Archaeological Museum in Athens) hint at the island’s ties to North Africa. After being closed to the public for many years, the Akrotiri ruins were reopened in 2012.

Perissa Beach

Perissa beach, one of Santorini’s longest, is a gorgeous and romantic beach situated approximately 15 kilometres southeast of Fira. This beach has all the contemporary conveniences one could want and stretches for roughly 7 kilometres. Its pristine, clear seas and sandy shoreline make this beach one of Santorini’s most popular destinations. The beauty of the contrast between the black sands and the emerald seas of this beach is enough to captivate any observer. You can drive right up to the beach, and there’s a vast parking area where you can leave your car while you enjoy the day. This beach is known for its abundance of lounge chairs, showers, sun umbrellas, and playgrounds for kids.

Divers may go underwater on an experience at the beach’s designated diving spot. A wide variety of thrilling water sports, from windsurfing and parasailing to jet skiing, canoeing, and banana boats, are available at this breathtaking beach.

Not only is there much to do on the beach itself, but there are also plenty of seaside cafés and pubs where you can indulge in some of the finest local food and then cap off the night at any of the vibrant nightclubs across the street. The Black Sand Perissa Beach in Santorini is a fantastic destination for vacationers of all ages.

Oia and Firá are the ideal spots to stay on Santorini if you want to enjoy the picture-perfect views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea. These picturesque communities have breathtaking cliffside vistas, bright white hillside terraces, and winding cobblestone alleys.

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