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Do you belong to that group who love to plan their solo travel and don’t like any interruption by other person or group mates? Also, you may be the kind of person who loves to make moments on impulse and feel delightful.

Here we have run down some countries you should bookmark for your solo travel. These countries are mesmerizing, safe, and hassle-free to explore places. Also, you will be praised by some warmest people during your traveling.


Spain, along the Iberian Peninsula, is a well-known country in Europe. Around one million travelers visited this country in the last year. You will be stuck within the mesmeric scenic beauty.Spain offers Atlantic and Mediterranean beaches, UNESCO world heritage sites, and numerous colorful festivals. These features attract gringos from every corner of the world.

Even visitors claim that Spain’sSpain’s coastal side is like a tropical island. Besides this, the taste of the tropical foods of Spain will amaze you and satisfy your craving for delicious dishes. You will always remember the mouth-watering taste and flavors of these local foods.If we see Spain from another angle, another glory of this country is expressed through football teams. Spain’sSpain’s football team is one of the most famous soccer teams in the world. The Copa Del Rey championship is the most prominent football event that attracts many sports lovers yearly.


The more significant part of South Asia is known as India. Delhi, the capital of India, regulates administrative services. India portrays a variegated population of different ethnic groups and casts. This country also showcases the hundreds of languages people are conversant with. So, a solo trip to India will bring many colorful pictures of the nation. The archaeological patterns and evidence represent a highly civilized, sophisticated, and educated culture. Another specialty of this country is the cultural and rich political arena.

Residents of subcontinents of India have developed some unique, rational, and discursive communities full of mathematicians, scientists, artists, players, fine arts, music, and literature. On the other hand, the scenic beauty, mesmerizing sea beaches, historical instances, world-famous cinematography, impressive movie halls and theatres, and mouth-watering dishes from street-stall to world-class restaurants are assets of India.


This country has abundant treasures and secrets that could take a lifetime to discover. Also, it is easier to fall in love with this place, especially on a solo trip. Greece exhibits a perfect blend of green mountains, cerulean lakes-water, and villages. These settlements rendered the country wonder and manifested. The shallow water beaches attract people who fear swimming, especially novices. Here, you can enjoy the alluring taste of baked bread and cheesy snacks in local restaurants.

This place symbolizes uniqueness, exclusive nature, authentic history, and splendid scenery. On the other side, it showcases an array of ancient temples, righteous activities, spiritual islands, and world-known history. Several artists, mathematicians, philosophers, and scientists have birthplaces in this country.


Its husky and barren landscape makes Indonesia one of the prominent places worldwide. This fantastic place’s overwhelming approach serves an outstanding exotic and majestic scenic beauty. Also, this country is one of the best options for a solo trip. This place carries generosity and offers relaxing activities for tourists. You can select swimming along the white-sandy beach from multiple engaging outdoor adventures.

The peninsula of Indonesia is the perfect match for photographers’ choice. They feel like this place next to heaven and a garden of paradise where you can click some amazing shots of nature if you are a camera-frick person. Besides this, you can find a spiritual and aesthetic ambiance when you visit the Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple. It is a significant place to visit to witness the fire dance performed by the local devotees.


If you are ready for a solo trip, Brazil, the largest country in South America, would be your ultimate dreamy destination to enjoy nature. Beaches are perfect for leisure and reducing otiose by multiple water activities. Brazil’s mountains, vibrant nightlife, and outdoor adventures are available in affordable traveling packages.

You will experience the tropical pleasure and panoramic view of golden beaches. Also, the other things to explore are exquisite architectural design, the lush beauty of hills, fumigating landscapes, and heavenly lake views. Samba dance and the epic sport “Soccer” are two world-popular iconic and traditional cultures that make Brazil special and unique. Brazil is surrounded by shimmering sandy beaches. The dramatic nature, sports events, carnivals, Capoeira (an art culture that includes martial arts, dance, soccer, and music), rainforest mountains, Mazarin sky view, and sensational beaches will make you feel you are leaving your teenager.


Okay, so we hope you are ready for a solo trip to one of the countries to make some everlasting moments, as mentioned earlier. Also, these countries’ beauty will surely excite you to prepare for backpacking. Our article is likely to be your best guide for sure.

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