The most exciting festivals in 2023: Guide to cultural events

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Are you feeling stuck in the same routine? Ready for something new and exciting this year? Then you’re in luck! There are a wealth of festivals around the globe that promise to invigorate, entertain, and even sometimes challenge us. From wild spectacles on an epic scale to colorful, sparkling celebrations – there’s something for all types of travelers in 2023.

So come along with us as we tour some of the world’s most thrilling festivals! Prepare yourself for a spellbinding whirlwind as we dive into all of the color and culture each stop provides.

China: Spring Festival

One of the world’s most exciting upcoming festivals to look forward to in 2023 is the Spring Festival in China. The traditional Chinese culture enchants you with its vibrant energy that comes alive during this celebration.

There is an unrivaled festive atmosphere, from delectable feasts and colorful parades to firecrackers. This multi-day event marks the end of a cold winter season. It serves as an opportunity for families across China to come together and create beautiful memories with each other.

As if that wasn’t enough, visitors are often left in awe of inventive cultural traditions lately, like thousands of colorful Lanterns lighting up the night sky during this festival.

India: Holi Festival

Your trip to India in 2023 won’t be complete without attending the iconic Holi Festival – the festival of colors! This event takes place on the last full moon day of its month to celebrate spring, the joy of life, and the victory of good over evil. As you wander through large crowds of revelers with brightly-colored powder in hand, make sure to join them in smearing it across each other’s faces!

Be prepared for a wild celebration – expect ecstatic singing and dancing that spills onto various streets and playgrounds! A real-life “rainbow” experience awaits those who visit India at this time of year – an unforgettable one that you won’t miss.

Japan: Gion Matsuri

Who doesn’t love a festival? If you’re looking for one full of fun, traditions, and excitement, Japan’s Gion Matsuri Festival should be a must-see event on your calendar. Taking place in July each summer, visitors can marvel at the stunning floats gliding through Kyoto’s bustling city center.

Get ready to experience a parade like never before! Take the opportunity to learn about historical traditions while munching on local delicacies – it’s certainly an experience you won’t forget.

Whether you’re just stopping by or staying for days, Gion Matsuri Festival is sure to be an absolute blast with memories to cherish for a lifetime!

Mexico: Day of the Dead

Mexico’s Day of the Dead celebration, which takes place in November 2023, is a true “festival of the absurd.”

During this time, Mexicans commemorate their dearly departed and believe that the dead can join in the festivities. Skeletons are a popular motif across Mexico as part of this holiday, and Mexican people often decorate their homes and workplaces with colorful ornamentations. There is plenty to eat throughout the streets, with unique offerings such as hot tamales made with orange leaves, shredded pork, or tacos stuffed with beef tongue and salsa.

Add to that some music, mariachi bands playing up a storm, and vibrant fireworks – celebrating the Day of the Dead is like no other holiday!

USA: Mardi Gras

Get wild in 2023 at the USA’s Mardi Gras, an event so renowned that towns in Louisiana are named “Mardi Gras City,” such as Chalmette.

Revelers take the streets for a crazy parade full of costumed people throwing plastic beads and toys on floats. There is even a special dog costume parade, so your four-legged friends can join in on the fun!

Enjoy delicious local foods like jambalaya while you enjoy live music and partying in the early morning. And don’t forget to show off your mask and costume – they are mandatory if you want to join in on all the revelry Mardi Gras offers.

Brazil: Carnaval

Get ready to samba into the party with Brazil’s Carnaval! Not just a competition between mesmerizing parades but an entire celebration of music, song, and dance for all ages.

As one of the world’s biggest street parties, you can expect nothing less than the most elaborate costumes and a multicolored sea of revelers rhythmically swaying from dawn till dusk.

You might even pick up a few moves – don’t forget to save some energy for later when Rio de Janeiro turns into “the city that never sleeps.” Join in on the fun and experience what is truly an unforgettable event!

Germany: Oktoberfest

Drop the dirndls and lederhosen; it’s time to venture over to Germany for the delightful Oktoberfest. A centuries-old tradition, you’re sure to find plenty of schnitzels, brats, and of course, German beers at this festival of bubbly fun!

The first Monday in October is when Oktoberfest officially kicks off – but until then, you can always grab a stein and practice your best yodel. It’s not all about chugging down beer; browse fantastic vendors from around the country, selling handmade souvenirs like wooden toys and cuckoo clocks.

Don’t forget to take in some traditional Bavarian music as well – you won’t experience anything else quite like it! Whether it’s a stein in each hand or singing traditional folk songs, join us at Oktoberfest 2023 – wir sehen uns bald!

Spain: La Tomatina

Who doesn’t love a good food fight? La Tomatina in Spain is for those who take their fun with tomatoes to the next level. It’s silly, wild, and a little bit crazy – but that’s what makes it one of the most unforgettable festivals in the world.

Thousands of people gather in the streets of Buñol to giggle and throw over-ripe tomatoes at each other. The experience is unique, messy, and utterly enjoyable.

Just remember to wear clothes you don’t mind ruining – and gloves if you want to keep your hands clean! Make sure you add this Spanish festival to your 2023 bucket list – it’ll be a splash!


As we’ve seen, there’s much to look forward to in 2023 regarding festivals and cultural celebrations worldwide. From celebrating Scotland’s independence to paying homage to voodoo culture in New Orleans, these seven festivals will surely be the most sought-after social events of the year. So start planning your trip now.

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