Top 5 Strongest Passports in the World

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Many passport holders now have easier access to the globe as coronavirus-related border controls are gradually eased during 2022. Russia’s February invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a widespread relaxation of visa rules for Ukrainian citizens. As a result, numerous nations have barred Russian individuals from entering their territory and have prohibited Russian airlines from flying over their environment.

Taking everything into consideration, the passport issued by the United Arab Emirates grants visa-free or visa-upon-arrival entry to 174 countries and territories. According to Arton Capital’s Passport Index, which ranks tickets based on how many countries its holders may visit without a visa, this one is the strongest in the world. While Japan topped the Henley Passport Index for 2022, Arton Capital’s Passport Index reflects the immediate impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions and the situation in Ukraine by updating its rankings in real time when new visa exemptions and amendments are imposed.

  • Japan, Singapore (192)

A survey by Henley & Partners found that the passports of Japan, Singapore, and South Korea were the strongest in the world. According to the rankings, the Indian key is the 87th best in the world. China’s passport is the 69th best. The Henley Passport Index rates passports based on the number of countries visa-free travel is permitted to.

In comparison to Singapore and South Korea, whose nationals are permitted visa-free entry to 192 destinations worldwide, Japan’s passport grants its holders access to 193 countries. Third place on Henley’s Passport Index goes to Germany and Spain, providing visa-free entry to 190 countries. The United States is rated seventh and allows its citizens visa-free travel to 186 countries, while the United Kingdom ranks sixth and allows its citizens visa-free travel to 187 places. Russia is ranked 50th because its people can visit 119 countries without a visa. Pakistan has moved up to number 109, and its residents now have visa-free travel to 32 other countries. Citizens of Afghanistan may still only visit 27 countries without a visa, putting them at the very bottom of the ranking.

  • Poland, Hungary (183)

According to VisaGuide’s Passport Index for December 2022, the Hungarian passport is now ranked 73rd in the world. As a result, people of Hungary may now visit 183 countries without a visa, get an eVisa to go there, or receive a ticket upon arrival. Hungary is not one of the nations that need a visa for visitors, but Hungarian citizens still need one to access other countries.

  • Ireland, Portugal (187)

The Portuguese and Irish passports, which allow unrestricted travel inside the European Union and entry to 187 countries without a visa, are ranked as the world’s fifth-best. Traveling with a reduced amount of fuss is one of the advantages of being a citizen of a nation with a sound passport. An updated worldwide ranking of passports is provided every three months, illustrating how many countries passport holders of these passports may travel to without first getting a visa. This data comes only from the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Countries having the most accessible places without a visa come out on top. For the first and second quarters of 2022, Japan and Singapore lead the way with 192 nations, while Afghanistan lags far behind with 26. The rankings include countries that provide visas upon arrival, visitor permits, and electronic travel authorizations. While this may not qualify as visa-free travel, we have included it in our scoring since it is simpler than the standard visa application process and does not need government permission or lengthy wait periods before departure.

  • North Korea (39)

The Guide Passport Ranking Index currently has North Korea’s passport at position #101. A lowly key indeed. Only 38 countries, such as Dominica, Madagascar, and Seychelles, do not need visas from North Korean passport holders. A travel visa must first be obtained to visit any of the 191 countries that need tickets for visitors with North Korean passports. This is why the Passport Ranking scores poorly on the global mobility scale. People from North Korea must plan and apply for a visa to visit the United States or any European Union country. You’ll need to provide a return ticket and evidence of financial stability to apply for a visa.

  • Syria (29) 

As one of the most populous countries in the Middle East, Syria is a significant player in the region’s ongoing conflicts. The nation is surrounded on land by Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey, and on the sea by Cyprus. Size-wise, Syria is comparable to Senegal, and its Mediterranean climate brings rainy winters and scorching, dry summers. Over 20 million people call the Syrian Arab Republic home in the Middle East. It is surrounded on land by Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, Iraq, and Turkey and on the sea by Cyprus. Size-wise, Syria is comparable to Senegal, and its Mediterranean climate brings rainy winters and scorching, dry summers.

Although the Passport Index by Arton considers passports from all 193 UN members and six territories (ROC Taiwan, Macao, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Palestinian Territory, and the Vatican) in its rankings, it does not include territories annexed by other countries, such as French Polynesia and the British Virgin Islands. Lastly, read more about travel around the world here.

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