Top 5 Yoga Retreats in London

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You should expect more from your next trip if you’re finding it difficult to schedule time for self-care into your hectic schedule. While a trip to the beach might be a great way to relax, it won’t provide you with the tools you’ll need to deal with everyday life’s stresses after you return.

Get in touch with your wanderlust by attending a yoga retreat and reaping the rewards of developing a regular practice while learning from some of the world’s most skilled instructors. You will leave feeling better and more relaxed and have some basic practices to incorporate into your everyday life to continue improving your mental and physical health for months and years to come.

As the number of people seeking out yoga retreats continues to rise, you will find that you are not alone; this travel industry sector, known as “wellness tourism,” is expanding rapidly. We’ve compiled a list of London’s top yoga studios and retreats.


Get away from the stresses of everyday life, try something new, and let someone help you get your bearings again. Through the ancient practices of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation, our internationally recognised retreats will provide a sanctuary to restore your mental and physical health and revitalise your soul. You’ll get an understanding of the theory behind each technique and some hands-on experience with how it may benefit your health and well-being in the long run during the seminars and workshops scheduled for your stay.

Three healthy vegetarian Ayurvedic meals per day, a variety of extra activities such as guided walks, cooking classes, and talks and workshops on yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, Buddhism, health, and lifestyle, and the opportunity to start or deepen your yoga and meditation practise with daily classes and discussions.

In line with the spirit of the Retreat Package, Plantation Villa plans enjoyable afternoon activities for guests. Talks and workshops on Ayurveda, yoga, meditation, cooking courses, and guided meditations are only a few examples. When the weather is nice, Plantation Villa also organises hikes along the river and surrounding countryside. Anyone interested in getting their hands dirty is invited to join in on their gardening efforts and other charitable endeavours.


Bella Somerset, who grew up on the Cotswolds estate, and her friend and co-retreat organiser Gaby Cecil host a luxurious retreat at the Dower House on the Badminton Estate, where participants engage in activities like restorative yoga, woods foraging, and guided runs through the deer park.

They both believe that being out in nature has healing properties on a fundamental level. At retreats, participants engage in various activities, from deep philosophical discussions to ceremonial cacao drinking, designed to help them relax and open up. The range of yoga styles is just as diverse, from positive vinyasa flow to calming yin.

The Clover Mill

During a visit to Sri Lanka, clinical research expert Julie Dent was completely won over by ayurveda, the traditional healing practice of India. She decided to create her ayurveda clinic in the UK after failing to locate one she liked. As nice as any spa in Asia, this one is located in a repurposed watermill from the 17th century in the picturesque county of Worcestershire.

Each day begins and ends with a yoga practice, and in between, you’ll partake in real, individualised ayurvedic treatments, mindfulness training, and guided meditation. You’ll be staying in modern eco-cabins and feasting on vegetarian food grown right there in the mill’s garden.

Jiva Healing, Devon

Melissa Kendall is a former financial analyst for socially responsible funds. Rebecca Andrist is a certified yoga instructor and nutritionist; their combined expertise results in well-thought-out programmes attracting celebrities like Kate Moss. This 19th-century rectory offers authentic, traditional yoga not far from rural Chulmleigh.

You may expect to do hatha yoga in the morning and restorative asanas in the evening, supplemented by juice fasts that, luckily, offer enough energy for visitors to make full use of the tennis courts and solar-heated saltwater swimming pool.

Cabilla Cornwall

There is no light or noise pollution at this upland hill farm in Bodmin in Cornwall, and the air is ecstatically clean. This untouched wilderness is perfect for my much-needed rewilding. The schedule for daily yoga flows is decided by the group, so early morning sessions or late night snoozes may be arranged as needed to keep everyone in a good mood and ready for a chakra reset.

When you factor in the wonderful vegetarian food and the two-hour sound therapy treatments, relaxing in your quaint wooden cabin and drifting off to sleep is as easy as pie.


Are you new to yoga and searching for a retreat that caters to novices? The first yoga retreat you attend might be a daunting experience if you are a beginner. When we first embark on this magnificent road, we often worry that we are not competent enough to attend a retreat with advanced practitioners.

But no one is ever too inexperienced to attend a Yoga retreat; the practice is more important than perfection, and the goal is to strengthen the connection between body and mind. Yoga retreats come in numerous forms and are designed with newcomers in mind. This will help you ease into your practice.
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