Top Places to See Christmas Decor in NYC

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You can’t miss the Christmas decorations in NYC if you want to get into the holiday mood since no city celebrates Christmas quite like New York.

The city is a paradise for travelers who enjoy the winter, with shimmering trees, shining stores, and an abundance of beautifully colored bulbs.

Come celebrate the beginning of the most joyous season with the greatest Christmas decorations in NYC, from the well-known classics to the lesser-known jewels!

  1. Rockefeller Center

The most recognizable location on this list to look for Christmas decorations in New York City is without a doubt Rockefeller Center. Although the entire center is lovely, the enormous tree is unquestionably the highlight! In addition to the traditional tree, Rockefeller Center also features the most well-known outdoor skating rink in New York, perfect for Christmas fun!

Details for the 2022 Holiday Season: On November 30, the tree will be lit for the first time.

Starting on December 1, it will thereafter be illuminated every day from 6 AM until 12 AM. On Christmas Day, the tree will be illuminated continuously, and on New Year’s Day, it will be lit from 6 am until 9 pm.

  1. Cartier 5th Avenue

The renowned Cartier building is undoubtedly the most prominent decoration in NYC, keeping with the concept of traditional Christmas decorations. The exterior of this French luxury firm is practically wrapped in a huge bow as they go all out for the holidays.

Nevertheless, this 5th Avenue classic is the place to be throughout the holiday season, so crowds are to be expected! It can be difficult to capture Cartier on camera because of its placement on the crowded Fifth Avenue.

  1. Saks Fifth Avenue

While we’re talking about eye-catching stores, the Christmas season is the perfect time to visit Saks Fifth Avenue.

This New York flagship shop is well-known for its yearly holiday light display, a breathtaking visual feast that spans 10 stories! Even if you can’t make it to Saks to view the lights, it’s still worthwhile to stop over during the day to take in the festive exterior.

On November 22, 2022, the Saks Holiday Light Show opened, and it will last until January 3, 2023. Every ten minutes, daily performances begin at 4:30 p.m. and conclude at 11:35 p.m. The total performance time for each little light show is 3 minutes and 23 seconds.

  1. Bryant Park’s Winter Village

Even the most pessimistic Grinches and sourest Scrooges are bound to feel the joy of the season thanks to Bryant Park’s Winter Village!

Additionally, it features one of NYC’s largest selections of holiday decorations! There is a photo opportunity around every corner, from dazzling trees to festive stores that seem like they belong at the North Pole.

Did you know that the only free-admission ice skating rink in the city is located at Bryant Park’s Winter Village? On Friday, October 28, 2022, at noon, the rink will be available for ice skating. Then it will remain open every day till March 6, 2023. It will be possible to visit the winter village until January 2, 2023. To utilize the rink, skaters must make a reservation up to two weeks in advance, and new time slots are made available every day.

  1. Hudson Yards

One of the most cutting-edge developments in New York City is Hudson Yards, which is still in its infancy. Hudson Yards has had a lot of traffic since its official opening in NYC in March 2019, especially around the holidays! And it’s understandable why—its glittering decor’s seductive shimmer and splendor are difficult to refuse! The Shops at Hudson Yards are accessible at the moment, although public access to The Vessel is temporarily blocked (see below).

  1. Victorian establishment Lillie’s

The traditional New York City Christmas, but sometimes it’s nice to get away from the throngs and tourist traps.

My favorite off-the-beaten-path vacation locations are Lillie’s Victorian Establishment in particular (at least for the time being). With its antique furnishings and wonderful vintage features, this Irish-Victorian bar and restaurant will transport you to pubs from a bygone era.

While both locations are well of a visit, Union Square is your best chance because it offers one of the loveliest window displays of holiday decorations in all of New York City! You’ll want to photograph with caution because the walkway in front of the restaurant isn’t very wide (and there are frequently cars or other obstructions in the roadway).

  1. Pulitzer Fountain

The Pulitzer Fountain can be recognizable if you’re familiar with New York City. Have you ever seen it festively adorned, though? This outdoor fountain is undoubtedly something to add to your agenda with its enormous bright Christmas decorations and glittering trees!

Joseph Pulitzer, a well-known newspaper owner, and editor gave $50,000 toward the design and construction of the Pulitzer Fountain, which bears his name. It’s located at the Southeast Entrance to Central Park and across from the renowned Plaza Hotel. Lastly, read more about travel around the world here.

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