Best Travel Insurance for Digital Nomads

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In the ever-expanding realm of digital nomadism, where the world becomes your office and adventure your daily bread, there’s one unsung hero that often gets overlooked amidst the allure of exotic destinations and Instagram-worthy escapades: travel insurance.

Yes, it might not be as glamorous as sipping cocktails on a Thai beach or typing away furiously in a bustling café in Buenos Aires, but trust me, fellow nomads, when I say that having the right travel insurance is like having a trusty sidekick on your global escapades.

Travel insurance is crucial to safeguarding your travel investments and ensuring peace of mind. It can protect your non-refundable reservations and cover emergency medical expenses. To ease your decision-making, we have curated a list of travel insurance providers to consider;

World Nomads

best travel insurance for digital nomads

World Nomads is a versatile travel insurance provider, catering to the needs of adventurous souls with its comprehensive coverage options. With the flexibility to extend coverage mid-trip and availability to residents of numerous countries, it offers a sense of security wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Backed by Nationwide Insurance, their health insurance limits are notably robust, ensuring you’re well-protected in case of medical emergencies. Notably, World Nomads distinguishes itself by not imposing a pandemic exclusion, providing peace of mind amidst uncertain times.

World Nomads offers two distinct plans – Standard and Explorer – each tailored to cater to varying needs and preferences. Both plans include coverage for over 200 sports, with the Explorer Plan expanding to encompass even more adrenaline-inducing activities like shark cage diving and skydiving.

This inclusive approach to athletic pursuits sets World Nomads apart, making it an ideal choice for adventurous travelers seeking comprehensive protection on their escapades. Priced at $549, the Standard Plan provides a comprehensive array of coverage but with slightly lower limits and less coverage for adventure activities compared to the $788 Explorer Plan.

For instance, while the Standard Plan offers $100,000 in emergency accident & medical coverage, it’s important to consider that if your nonrefundable prepaid trip costs exceed $2,500, the Standard Plan will only cover up to that amount for trip cancellation, whereas the Explorer Plan extends coverage up to $10,000.


best travel insurance for digital nomads

SafetyWing is a great choice for digital nomads seeking comprehensive travel insurance that caters to their dynamic lifestyle. Offering COVID coverage alongside its primary benefits, SafetyWing stands out for its convenience, allowing travelers to purchase policies while already abroad.

With a wide eligibility range excluding only residents of North Korea, Cuba, or Iran, SafetyWing’s default 28-day coverage, with automatic renewal, ensures continuous protection. U.S. citizens enjoy incidental coverage in their homeland for up to 15 days out of every 90 days, though SafetyWing primarily focuses on international medical and travel insurance, not meeting ACA health insurance requirements.

Pricing is transparent, with costs based on age and U.S. coverage preference, starting at $45 for a four-week policy. A key advantage lies in the flexibility to add U.S. coverage, although at a slightly higher cost.

Also, the option to purchase a plan mid-trip and the inclusion of U.S. coverage remain standout features, making SafetyWing a top choice for savvy digital nomads seeking reliable protection on their global adventures.

Allianz Global Assistance

best travel insurance for digital nomads

Allianz Global Assistance offers affordable and comprehensive coverage options tailored to frequent travelers. With their annual or multi-trip plans, Allianz offers a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing coverage for separate trips individually, allowing digital nomads to save both time and money.

Their multi-trip policy covers trips up to 45 days in length, catering to the adventurous spirit of globetrotters. Allianz Global Assistance offers three distinct annual plans: Basic, Prime, and Executive, each catering to different needs and budgets. While the Basic plan focuses on medical emergencies with limited travel coverage, the Prime plan offers affordable trip protection and medical coverage abroad.

For business travelers and those seeking higher coverage limits, the Executive plan provides additional perks such as rental car damage coverage and equipment rentals, making it suitable for both personal vacations and business trips alike.

With its range of options and competitive pricing starting from $138 per year, Allianz Global Assistance emerges as a reliable choice for digital nomads seeking peace of mind during their global adventures.

Atlas Travel Insurance

best travel insurance for digital nomads

Atlas Travel Insurance is the go-to for digital nomads and long-term travelers seeking robust medical coverage along with supplemental trip benefits. With a focus on providing comprehensive health insurance plans, including coverage for COVID-19, Atlas ensures peace of mind for adventurers on the move.

Offering two distinct options – Atlas International and Atlas International Premium – travelers can tailor their coverage according to their specific needs and budget. While Atlas International comes at a reasonable $274, Atlas International Premium, priced at $682, offers enhanced coverage limits.

Also, the flexibility to customize overall maximum limits and deductibles empowers travelers to fine-tune their policies to suit individual preferences. Whether you’re exploring bustling cities or remote landscapes, Atlas Travel Insurance has you covered, ensuring that your journey is not just thrilling but also secure.

Insured Nomads

best travel insurance for digital nomads

With a focus on providing medical coverage, travel insurance, and trip cancellation services, Insured Nomads caters to the diverse needs of global travelers. Boasting four distinct plans, including the World Explorer plan for single trips spanning seven to 364 days and the World Explorer Multi plan for multiple trips within a year, they ensure flexibility and adaptability for various travel scenarios.

Remarkably, these plans are accessible to citizens worldwide, not limited to U.S. residents. Also, Insured Nomads offers customizable options, allowing travelers to add supplementary coverage such as adventure sports, pet insurance, accidental death and dismemberment, and car rental insurance at an additional cost.

For instance, a traveler aged between 30 and 39 seeking a six-month trip to Mexico can opt for the World Explorer plan at a competitive rate of $679, providing a medical benefit limit of $250,000 and a deductible of $100.

Also, upgrading to a $1,000,000 medical benefit maximum is feasible, albeit at a slightly higher premium of $830, showcasing Insured Nomads’ commitment to catering to individual preferences and needs. With its comprehensive coverage options and global accessibility, Insured Nomads emerges as a reliable partner for safeguarding the adventures of digital nomads and global citizens alike.

Enjoy worry-free trips nomads

So, there you have it, fellow digital wanderers – the lowdown on the best travel insurance for your nomadic lifestyle. Remember, while the world may be your oyster, it pays to have a reliable safety net in place. So go forth, explore to your heart’s content, and may your adventures be wild, your Wi-Fi strong, and your insurance even stronger. Safe travels, my friends!

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