Discover Hidden Gems: Unveiling Thailand’s Underrated Cities – Part 1

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Young men were encouraged to go West by Horace Greeley in the 19th century. Go off the beaten route, traveller. He would advise if he were still living today. Nowhere in the world is his counsel more applicable than in Thailand. Go away from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok and Phuket and head to a spot with beautiful scenery, abundant animals, or quiet, uninhabited islands with pristine beaches. Thailand indeed has many underrated attractions, such as old temples and quaint fishing towns, just waiting to be discovered by intrepid tourists. Off-the-beaten-path lodgings aren’t exactly known for their five-star service, but that’s all part of the fun.


This tranquil village of Kanchanaburi has a sad history. During World War II, prisoners of war were used to build a railway connecting Siam and Burma. Several prisoners of war perished on the Death Railway because they were forced to work in terrible conditions. Their plight is depicted in the 1957 blockbuster film The Bridge on the River Kwai.
You may visit the memorial and ride a section of Death Railway today. Because of its proximity to the River Kwai, modern-day Kanchanaburi has become a centre for fresh seafood and a wide variety of water-based activities.
Banphasawan, one of the country’s most eccentric hotels, is also located there. Several of the rooms at this resort are designed to look like different types of fruit, making it one of the most unusual places to stay.

Koh Mak

Koh Mak is only one of several stunning islands in Thailand. This beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand is close to the Cambodian border. Truly, a tropical paradise. And the island’s beaches and the clean ocean around them are stunning, too.
There are rubber crops and coconut groves in the island’s central forest. Ko Maak is a great area to go snorkelling and driving if you find that lounging on amazing beaches becomes old. Thai cuisine and boxing classes are also available. Ensure you have enough cash on hand since there is no ATM on the island.


In a quaint small town called Pai, North of Thailand is where your creative dreams might come true. Pai is easily accessible, just three hours by vehicle from Chiang Mai, yet far enough off the tourist map to provide a genuine experience.
If you want to put on your hiking boots and explore the wild north of Thailand, go beyond the town of Pai, home to a wealth of stunning natural scenery and several trekking opportunities. Walking Street in Pai is a shopper’s and a bargain hunter’s paradise, with a wide variety of stores selling genuine Thai trinkets at rock-bottom costs.
Khao soi, a delectable dish of coconut curry, egg noodles, and chicken, is perhaps at its finest in Pai, making it one of the country’s greatest spots to enjoy. Khao soi, often known as “northern noodles,” is the quintessential northern Thai meal, and no trip to the Kingdom of Thailand would be complete without at least one serving.

Nakhon Sawan

Not known by many, but people who know about this will always recommend this 10 on 10. This northern Thai gem is known for its excellent cuisine; the fish ball, in particular, has been elevated to new heights here.

Fresh fish is caught in the Ping and used to make fish balls with noodles and a savory soup. The end product is an exceptionally tasty meal that can only be found in this region. This city provides a distinct geographical setting and a more genuine Thai experience. See one of the most beautiful sunsets ever at the Nakhon Sawan Tower and explore some of the city’s historic chides.


Visit Rayong if you want to enjoy the beach without the crowd. The nearby island of Koh Samet can be reached by boat from this coastal town, but sensible travelers will spend more time in Rayong. Rayong is a great place to visit since it’s a popular Thai holiday location that foreign visitors haven’t yet discovered. Because of its proximity to the Gulf of Thailand, the seafood in Rayong is some of the best in the country.
The Star Night Bazaar Market is open on the weekends, and it’s the best place to get authentic Thai street cuisine and inexpensive gifts. Being a metropolis in a paradisaical setting, Rayong offers the best of both worlds while yet managing to avoid mass tourism. Get there now, before everyone else finds out about it.
Thailand has long been one of world’s most popular holiday destinations. Whether for a solitary adventure or a romantic retreat with a significant other. Thailand stands out for its indigenous art, unusual locations, and abundant hospitality. There are likely many beautiful places in Thailand that you haven’t seen yet, even if you’ve had many vacations there. …and now you definitely should!
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